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Digital Camouflage Bandana

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Digital camouflage bandana in military style is offered in soft cotton material. This bandana can be used by men and women and looks very stylish. The comfortable, unisex bandana comes in a standard size that fits almost everyone. The bandana is sized 22” x 22” and is sewn perfectly on all four sides. Ideal to be used with casual clothes, this digital Jumbo bandana is one of the fashion accessories preferred by those who are fashion-conscious. The camouflage bandana is very attractive and adds charm to the wearer’s personality. Camouflage bandana can be combined with similar shade or contrast camouflage military outfits.


Dimensions: 27 inches x 27 inches
Material: Cotton
Weather: All Weather

SpecificationSubdued Urban Digital, One SizeDesert Digital Camo, One SizeWoodland Digital Camo, One SizeACU Digital Camo, One Size
Colour:Subdued Urban DigitalDesert Digital CamoWoodland Digital CamoACU Digital Camo
Size:One SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne Size

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