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Showcase your patriotism with this Distressed US Flag Athletic Fit T-Shirt. 

  • Lightweight Patriotic T-Shirt Features A Large Vertical Distressed Flag On The Center Of The Chest
  • Smaller US Flag On The Right Sleeve Of The American Flag T-Shirt Is Oriented With The Stars Facing Forward To Represent A Flag Flying In The Breeze While The Wearer Moves Forward, Just Like On A Real Military Uniform
  • Flag T-Shirt Is Optimal For Athletes With An Inset Collar, Wide Chest, And Athletic-Fitted Sleeves And Armholes
  • USA Flag T-Shirt Is Made With A Soft, Durable, And Breathable Cotton Blend That Will Last You Countless Workouts
  • Sizing Information Is Printed On The Inside Back Of The Collar For An American Flag Shirt Free From Itchy, Bothersome Tags


Colour:Red\White\BlueOlive DrabBlackRed\White\BlueOlive DrabBlackRed\White\BlueOlive DrabBlackRed\White\BlueOlive DrabBlackBlackBlack


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