Drop Belt Loop For CQC Battle Style Holster

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Designed for the CQC Holster series, this belt loop comes with great flexibility to deliver unparalleled handgun security. It will allow you to freely change the angle of your holster to accommodate for different draw styles and body types with its full 360 degrees of movement and 24 different secure positions.


  • Glock CQC Holster
  • Hi Capa CQC Holster
  • SOCOM Mk23 CQC Holster


  • 360 degrees of movement, 24 different angles of adjustment
  • Military grade polymer for ultimate durability and strength.
  • Quickly detach the holster from the mount with the built-in lever
  • Secure locking mechanism holds your pistol in the holster until you're ready to draw
  • Easy adjust the holster angle by simply tilting it how you please when attaching it to the mount
  • Weaves easily onto belt platforms and adjusts to fit to belt width
  • Available in different colors
  • Size: 200×100mm
  • Suitable For Standard Belt, Rigger's Belts, Tactical Belt Systems / Laylax Battle Style CQC Holster



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