BB Airguns for You

BB gun or air guns are great way to have some fun or improve your combat skills whether in the field or at the target shooting range. Whether you want to use your gun for combat practice in the field or just to have some fun target practice, we have pellets that fit the bill. Now you can buy pellets from the reputed brand of elite force online from the Camouflage online store.

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Best Pellets for Air guns

You air guns need the best pellets to function properly. Most air guns use a very a variety of mechanism to fire pellets. It is important them that you buy pellets that suit your gun. This is why Camouflage brings to you the best elite force BBs to be used in your air gun at a fairly reasonable price.

Manual Type:

This is the most popular type of BB gun available in the market today. They usually make up the pistol range of the market. On pressing the trigger, the spring mechanism is released against the piston which moves forward ultimately pushing the BB pellet out of the gun with a high velocity. The overall mechanism works by cocking the gun before firing. The cocking pushes a spring on a piston which is compressed and sealed. But the only drawback is that this mechanism allows one to shoot only one pellet at a time before going on the whole process of cocking the gun again.

Electric or battery powered type:

This type of BB gun is capable of firing more than one bullet in quick succession. It's a great gun to own in the heat of battle where an advantage of a few seconds will give you an advantage over your opponents. They usually make up the airsoft assault rifle range.

Gas powered ones are also available for those who want to take their guns and pellet action to a higher levels. We also offer airsoft guns for sale. Feel free to browse through our range of different BBs and make your best choice. We offer free Shipping.