EMG TTI Pit Viper Spare Magazine

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Brand: EMG

While the world around us has moved to less demanding production techniques, AW Custom has stayed true to its original values based on craftsmanship and quality, which is why AW Custom products are able to last a lifetime. We are the keepers of a culture's ancient craft, a symbol of the airsoft gun maker's desire to stay true to tradition. Each stage of the process: from manufacturing to finishing, is a specialized skill that takes time and careful attention.

'Modification of Green Gas and CO2 magazines to use aftermarket HPA fittings and valves will void all included warranties due to the potential risk of damage from exposure to High pressure and misuse.'


  • Manufactured by EMG.
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction
  • Finger groves made for quick indexing of magazine
  • Heavyweight to mimic the weight of a real loaded magazine
  • CNC Aluminum base plate with Taran Tactical logo laser etched on


Magazine Capacity:30

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