Condor Tactical

Everyday Gear Rigger's Belt

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The Condor Rigger Belt is tough enough to take on any tactical demands and stylish enough to be worn with your everyday gear. The steel buckle can take on 2000 pounds of tensile strength while the nylon webbing can withstand 7000 pounds of weight. The small size fits waists 24”-32”, the medium fits 34”-40” and the large fits 42”-48”.


1¾ Inch nylon webbing (7000lbs tensile strength)
Forged steel buckle (2000lbs tensile strength)
Waist 24-34 Inch (S-M)
Waist 34-41 Inch (M-L)
Waist 41-51 Inch (L-XL)

SpecificationOlive Drab, S-M: Waist 24-34Black, S-M: Waist 24-34Tan, S-M: Waist 24-34Multicam, S-M: Waist 24-34Olive Drab, M-L: Waist 34-41Black, M-L: Waist 34-41Tan, M-L: Waist 34-41Multicam, M-L: Waist 34-41Olive Drab, L-XL: Waist 41-51Black, L-XL: Waist 41-51Tan, L-XL: Waist 41-51Multicam, L-XL: Waist 41-51
Colour:Olive DrabBlackTanMulticamOlive DrabBlackTanMulticamOlive DrabBlackTanMulticam
Size:S-M: Waist 24-34S-M: Waist 24-34S-M: Waist 24-34S-M: Waist 24-34M-L: Waist 34-41M-L: Waist 34-41M-L: Waist 34-41M-L: Waist 34-41L-XL: Waist 41-51L-XL: Waist 41-51L-XL: Waist 41-51L-XL: Waist 41-51

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