Ez Heat Handwarmer

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EZ Heat Reusable Hand warmer is made in us. It is perfect and ideal for all outdoor activities. You feel the heat immediately because of the instant flex disc. Within five seconds, the hand warmer produces 130 degree Fahrenheit of heat which is more than enough to warm your body. EZ heat reusable warmer is one of the best forms of portable heat. It can be used hundreds of times, but it will give you the same amount of heat every time. Once used, the heat pack should be boiled in water so that the crystals return to their liquid charged state. As it is compact and easy to carry, you can use it whenever and wherever you want.


Dimensions: 3 inches X 4 inches
Weather: Cold Weather
Components: Resusable- after each use, simply boil the heat pack to return the crystals to their liquid inchescharged inches state


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