Face Paint Compact - 3 Color ACU Camouflage

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Face Paint Compact 3 Color Acu Camouflage is designed in a round shaped container. The container measures 2 ¾” in diameter. The colors included in the compact are slate green, loam and tan. The compact has unbreakable mirror inside. There is no glare colors included. It is odorless and non toxic. The compact has four years of shelf life. There are no animal products included in the colors. It is safe to use on human skin. Once applied on the face the color will stay for several hours. The colors are normally used for hunting and Halloween as they are camouflage colors.


Colors Include Tan, Loam, Slate Green
Unbreakable Mirror Included
Odorless, Non
Non Glare
20 Plus Applications In Each Compact
Washes Off With Soap And Water
4-Year Shelf Life
No Animal Products
Round Container 2 3/4" Diameter


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