Aluminum Kubaton Keychain

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Brand: Gear Stock

Opting for a Kubaton as your keychain means to have a very reliable tool at your disposable all the time since you will not probably leave home without your keys.  It can counteract unexpected attacks or unforeseen events very effectively with its high versatility to handle a variety of task like fistloading, joint locks or pressure point strikes.  The 5.5 inch shaft takes full advantage of the 6061 aluminum to offer great hardness and durability, perfect for hard-use applications.  It finishes off with a very sleek and stylish design that simply makes it very innocuous and practical to carry around. 


  • Versatile self-defense tool for everyday carry
  • Deep finger grooves provide a powerful grip
  • Durable 6061 anodized aluminum construction
  • Matte black non-reflective finish
  • Keyring provides convenient carry options



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