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Genuine Military Surplus Combats Boot

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Genuine Military Surplus Combat boots. These boots have been issued and lightly used. The leather boots have a warm inner lining which makes them perfect for winter wear. The tongue is sealed into the boot itself for added water protection.

SpecificationBlack, Size 5Black, Size 5.5Black, Size 6Black, Size 6.5Black, Size 7Black, Size 7.5Black, Size 8Black, Size 8.5Black, Size 9Black, Size 9.5Black, Size 10Black, Size 10.5Black, Size 11Black, Size 11.5Black, Size 12
Size:Size 5Size 5.5Size 6Size 6.5Size 7Size 7.5Size 8Size 8.5Size 9Size 9.5Size 10Size 10.5Size 11Size 11.5Size 12

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