German Repro WWII Gas Mask Canister

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Excellent quality copy of the WWII German Gas mask Carrying Can. These are the best of the reproduction gas mask cans available: the color is good, the welds are sturdy and the design is correct. The only visible differences from originals are that the ribs aren't quite as deep and the studs that retain the straps should be fieldgray instead of dull silver, but with a little wear & tear, they look real.
Field use recommendation: From personal experience I recommend wearing a gas sheet bag on the canister. By nature, these cans are noisy- they clank and rattle against the other gear and are constant source of noise pollution- which is highly undesirable in the field. The gas sheet bag may be packed with either a gas sheet, or simply an old rag, hand towel, etc.. This works wonders in silencing the rattles. The bag may be secured to the can with any type of equipment straps- both mess tin and tornister types work fine.


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