German Repro WWII M43 Field Cap

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M43 Heer Ski Cap made from a Field Grey wool. The M43 Field Cap was based upon the Bergmutze Ski Caps of Gebirgsjager and became one of the most widely used pieces of headwear of WW2. They had a slightly longer visor than the Bergmutze but did not have the leather sweatband of earlier hats, due to the necessary economisation of manufacture. These hats are true to the originals and are made from an 80% wool material - a far higher wool content than other repros around. The 2-buttoned front can be undone, to allow the flaps to be let down and the hat to be turned in to a 'balaclava' style garment. High-quality repros, true to the originals and made from quality wool.


Size:77 1/87 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/87 3/4

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