G.I. Anglehead Flashlight

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Brand: Gear Stock

The GI Flashlight looks and feels comfortable and safe. It is made in an attractive colors and features an angle head design. It comes in one comfortable size that can be used by everyone. The grooves at the top and bottom of the device help the user get a comfortable grip. It is a GSA compliant Military crookneck flashlight. It is the official Government issued flashlight and is also used by the U.S. military. It is packaged with 2 extra lenses, red and blue and one extra bulb. It requires 2 D Cell batteries to work (not included). It also has a safeguard switch, which will not let you get stranded in case of any emergencies.


Components: Extra Lenses and Bulb, Both Belt Clip And Ring Hanged

Colour:ACU Digital CamoBlackOlive DrabWoodland

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