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G.I Glove Liners

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The GI Wool Glove Liner is yet another cool addition to the collection of glove liners at Camouflage. These glove liners are made from pure wool and nylon mixture. This mix of fabrics provides a unique protective layer that is sure to ward off those frigid and uncomfortable conditions. Apart from keeping your hands warm, this mixture of materials also provides great softness and comfort making them ideal for a variety of situations. These gloves are available in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 so you do not need to worry about finding the right size.


Material: Nylon, Wool
Material Specs: 70% wool 30% nylon
No. In Master Carton: 300
Gender / Age: Adult
Weather: Cold Weather
Product Origin: USA
Printable: Yes

SpecificationBlack, Size 2Foliage Green, Size 3Grey, Size 3Olive Drab, Size 2Coyote Brown, Size 2Black, Size 3Foliage Green, Size 4Grey, Size 4Olive Drab, Size 3Coyote Brown, Size 3Black, Size 4Foliage Green, Size 5Grey, Size 5Olive Drab, Size 4Coyote Brown, Size 4Black, Size 5Foliage Green, Size 6Grey, Size 6Olive Drab, Size 5Coyote Brown, Size 5Black, Size 6Olive Drab, Size 6Black, Size 7Olive Drab, Size 7
Colour:BlackFoliage GreenGreyOlive DrabCoyote BrownBlackFoliage GreenGreyOlive DrabCoyote BrownBlackFoliage GreenGreyOlive DrabCoyote BrownBlackFoliage GreenGreyOlive DrabCoyote BrownBlackOlive DrabBlackOlive Drab
Size:Size 2Size 3Size 3Size 2Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 4Size 3Size 3Size 4Size 5Size 5Size 4Size 4Size 5Size 6Size 6Size 5Size 5Size 6Size 6Size 7Size 7

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