G.I. Military Assorted 50 Pieces Military Patchesa

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The Ass’t 50 PCS Military Patches is a combination of the 15 assorted military patches bought to you in one single pack. You can have 15 different military patches by just ordering one of these assorted fifty piece military patch pack. What you get is: 2/Pcs. #72101 Patch - 3rd Army / Color; 1/Pcs.# 72109 Patch - Strategic Air Command / Color; 2/Pcs. #72103 Patch Ruptured Duck; 3/Pcs. #72108 Patch - 7th Army Seven Steps To Hell / Color; 3/Pcs. #72110 Patch - Air Force Communication Service / Color; 2/Pcs. #72112 Patch Pacific Air Force; 1/Pcs. #72118 Patch UASF Logistic Command; 2/Pcs. #72114 Patch Tactical Air Command; 1/Pcs. #72116 Patch 69th Infantry; 2/Pcs. #72117 Patch 4th Transport Command; 2/Pcs. #72113 Patch 16th Army Air Corp; 1/Pcs. #72119 Patch 7th Corps / Color; 2/Pcs. #72120 Patch Usaf In Europe; 2/Pcs. #72126 Patch Individual Ready Reserve; 2/Pcs. #72127 Patch 1st Army A.


Material Specs: Polyester with cotton thread


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