G.I. Sun-Wind-Dust Goggles-Ballistic Lens

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When you buy a GI Sun Wind Dust Goggles – Ballistic lens, it provides your eyes with protection from sun, wind, and dust. These goggles also provide you with ballistic protection that helps to safeguard your eyes from objects and projectiles trying to harm your eyes. This goggle comes in two variants of lenses, clear and gray. The gray lens goggles provide UV protection to your eyes and blocks about 85% of visible light. They have been tested for safety standards and are compliant with all the military standards. The ballistic lens can be worn along with the goggles and it provides further protection to the eyes. The headband of this goggle is adjustable and can be a comfortable fit.


Government Surplus
Clear And Smoke Ballistic Lenses
Includes Soft Pouch To Hold Lens That Is Not In Use


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