Ultra Force GI Plus Tri-Color Desert Rip Stop Nylon Poncho

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The GI Style Rip Stop Nylon Poncho is one of those things that you absolutely must own if you expect to spend some time in the outdoors with extreme weather. The colored poncho is made from nylon and features 2 snaps which ensure double protection from extreme weather. This waterproof poncho can handle water pressures of as much as 875 mm with ease. The poncho comes with under-chin ties to ensure that there is no route for the wind or water to get in. Again, the poncho has grommeted corners which ensure that this GI style poncho can also be used as a shelter.


Material Specs: 100% Polyester, PU Coated
Dimensions: 56" X 90"
Closures And Fasteners: Snaps


Colour:Tri-Colour Desert
Size:One Size

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