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The SPEED GoPro Mask Mounts are specially designed CNC machined mounts for tournament players. This top mounted SPEED GoPro Mask Mount incorporates massive air passages when mounted onto a paintball mask, allowing unrestricted airflow. The top exhaust vents integrated on all paintball masks are there to vent heat and are an essential feature, which should never be obstructed in any way. The SPEED GoPro Mask Mounts are brilliantly engineered to allow the most airflow in the vents, while keeping it strong and secure to your mask.The SPEED GoPro Mask Mounts are lightweight and compact, allowing it to be more streamlined to complement the styling of modern paintball masks. These mounts are meticulously designed and engineered to be efficient at its purpose, which seamlessly integrate form and function in a simple yet important product.Stainless steel fasteners are also included with each kit, which enables the SPEED GoPro Mask Mounts for all weather use.


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