GPM92 Gas 55R Hi-Cap Magazine

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Reload your G&G GPM92 Blowback Airsoft Pistol faster and easier with this spare magazine. It has been installed with a collapsible valve and micro-filter to improve safety and efficiency. Capacity is 27 rounds.

Why choose this magazine?

  • Designed for maximum compatibility with the G&G GPM92
  • High quality metal construction
  • Micro-filter improves green gas efficiency
  • Collapsible safety valve prevents magazine rupture

Why not?

  • Will not work with any other airsoft pistol models
  • Drop free magazines must be ejected carefully

Compatible gun: GAGGAS-GPM-92F-BB-NCM

Pro tip: Non-drop-free magazines bulge slightly on the sides, causing friction that holds them in place inside the gun. Drop-free magazines do not bulge, so when the magazine release is pressed, they fall out freely.


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