HC65 V2 Flashlight

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Brand: Nitecore

The Nitecore HC65 V2 has been designed with three different light output to get you covered in any situation.  Its main emitter is a Luminus SST-40-W LED with five output levels from 1 to 1750 lumens. It also has a second, 35-lumen white light with a high Color Rendition Index for tasks like reading that don't need as much candlepower, and a red light that preserves night-acclimated vision for night photography, astronomy or wildlife observation. The main light shines in a wide 100° cone, and the lamp can be tilted 180° to put the beam right where you need it.


  • Triple output full metal rechargeable headlamp
  • Max peak beam intensity of 7,000cd and max throw of 165m
  • Utilizes Luminus SST-40-W LED with a max output of 1,750 lumens
  • Equipped with High CRI auxiliary white light (CRI≥90) and an auxiliary red light
  • 7 brightness levels and 4 special modes
  • Intelligent memory function will return to last brightness level when powering on the headlamp
  • Built-in micro-USB charging port
  • Wide-angle floodlight output beam
  • 180 degrees of tilt (up and down)
  • Built-in power indicator
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Constructed from aero-grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish
  • Waterproof rating in accordance with IP68
  • Modes/Brightness Output: Turbo (1750 lumen/ 30min), High (900 lumen/ 2hr 15 min), Mid (250 lumen/6hr), Low (50 lumen/28hr), Ultralow (1 lumen/ 800hr), Aux Red High (11 lumen/30hr), Aux Red Low (3 lumen/110hr), Aux Red Flashing (11 lumens/ 57hr), Aux White Light ( 35 lumens/ 20hr), Beacon (1750 lumen/-), SOS (1750 lumen/-)
  • Length 90.8 mm / 3.57 in
  • Weight 65.5 g / 2.31 Oz


Colour:Flashlight - HC65 V2 - 1200 Lumens
Lumens:1000 - 1999 lumens
Max Beam Distance:100 - 199 m

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