Hi-Capa Tapp Modular Adapter - M4

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Running out of BBs should never be the case when you get your hands on a Tapp Airsoft Adapter for your airsoft gun! This brilliant design converts the hi-capa gas pistol magazine to accept the lower AEG M4 mag adapter. Simply connect the line onto HPA nozzle to power your airsoft pistol. The modular capability allows the lower to swap out to different Tapp Airsoft models for the M4, ARP, shotgun shell and more! Not only does this come with the adapter, it also comes with the magazine to get you out on the field. The feeding is smooth and consistent, giving you plenty of shots to take out your opponents.

Overall, the Tapp Modular Adapter is fantastic for players that want the extra firepower!

Manufacturer: Tapp Airsoft
Model: Hi-Capa Tapp Modular Adapter for M4 Magazine
Color: Black
Package Includes: Magazine, Adapter


  • HPA Conversion
  • Accepts Standard AEG M4 Mag (super-feed mags recommended)
  • Modular Swappable Lower
  • Interchangeable Between Tapp Airsoft M4, ARP, Shotgun Shell lowers, etc..
  • Gas Magazine Included - Preinstalled single stack mod for quicker BB flow
  • Friction-less Smooth BB Feeding - Prevent BB loss while reloading


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