Hip Holster

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Hip Holster is an excellent product that helps you keep 4 and 5 inches autos like colt, beratta 92 and glock. It is a useful tool for police officers, military, security, law enforcement and public safety officials. It features an adjustable front snap that makes it easy to get access to the revolver. The UF-10544 Hip Holster featuring vinyl lining offers great protection to the revolvers. It works great for taking the revolver or pistol in the car for road trips. It can be worn close to the body, which assures comfort and concealment. The hip holster is built to last for a long period of time.


Master Carton Dimensions: 21 1/4"x 15 3/4"x 13"
Master Carton Weight: 20.25 LBS
Material Specs: poly webbing


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