Hold Out 6'' Blade Folding Knife

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The Hold Out's beautiful satin polished blades are extremely broad; they are flat ground from the spine, with a shallow "V" cross-section culminating in a razor-sharp hand-honed edge. Continuously curved from the heel to the needle-sharp tip, the blade cuts, and shears through tough and fibrous material with ease and makes short work of tasks that would challenge many of the folding knives on the market today.

Its American G10 handle is a wonder of ergonomic design. Allowing a full and secure four-finger grip. It is wonderfully secure in the hand and will not roll or twist with use. The grip enhancing G10 and handle holes further aid traction in a wide range of grips, working equally well tip up, down in an "ice pick" grip, or even held like a push dagger!


  • Name: 6" Hold Out S35VN
  • Blade Length: 6.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 3.8 mm
  • Overall Length: 13.1875"
  • Steel: CPM-S35VN Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 7.0 oz.
  • Handle: 7.1875" Long G10


Handle Material:G-10G-10
Knife Edge:Plain EdgeSerrated Edge
Handle Length:7.125"7.125"
Blade Length:6 inch6 inch
Hand Use:AmbidextrousAmbidextrous

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