JeffTron MOSFET for Version 3 Airsoft AEG Gearboxes

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Brand: Gear Stock

Professionally made MOSFET designed for airsoft electric guns (AEG).Device increases gun rate of fire and battery holds longer than with basic wiring.The MOSFET fully integrates inside a version 3 gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts, compatible with Tokyo Marui Standard.


  • MOSFET build on SHS trigger contacts
  • Uses micro switch actuated by sector gear for perfect semi and burst fire timing
  • Easy installation into version 3 gearboxes; Pre-soldered wiring for easier installation (long wiring to accommodate a wider range of configuration options)
  • Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, lipol 7.4 - 14.8V)
  • Designed for springs up to M160 (equivalent for current 75A single shot fire or 25A burst fire for max. 30s)
  • Presoldered high quality 2 black wires 1,5 qmm (AWG16) with silicone insulation, length 400 mm to the motor and 600 mm to the battery. The blue wire 0.25 qmm (AWG24) with a length 1000 mm is used for connection anywhere on the red cable

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