Jumbo 80Mm Accessory Carabiner

Availability: Item is Discontinued

Jumbo accessory carabiner is sturdy enough to hold keys, coffee mugs, and water bottle and dog leashes safely. It is not intended for sport climbing. It is available in color that fits well with your military theme bag or pant. You can use this carabiner with your backpack and lanyard as well. Made of quality material, the jumbo accessory carabiner is sure to offer long lasting reliable performance. Due to its versatility, you can use it for a wide range of applications, from camping, hiking, hunting to fishing and trekking. You can attack your gear to your backpack or harness comfortably and safely by using this carabiner and keep your hands free.


Dimensions: 80mm
Product Origin: CHN


Colour:BlackFoliage Green

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