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The 18" G.I. Style Machete is a rugged and versatile cutting tool inspired by military design. With its 18-inch blade, this machete excels in outdoor tasks like clearing vegetation, chopping wood and handling various cutting needs. Crafted for durability, the machete features a strong blade made for efficient cutting and chopping. Its design is influenced by military specifications, ensuring reliability and performance in demanding conditions.

  • Blade Material: 3mm K5 Hight Carbon Steel
  • Size: 18"
  • Handle Material: 5 1/2” Plastic Molded Handle Full Tang Construction.
  • Sheath Type: Molded Sheath.


Size:18 Inch18 Inch
Blade Style:MacheteMachete
Knife Edge:Plain EdgeSerrated Edge
Mechanism:Fixed BladeFixed Blade
Hand Use:AmbidextrousAmbidextrous


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