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The 13" Expandable Female Baton with Steel Clip & Strap is a specialized tool designed for security personnel and law enforcement. This baton is crafted for durability and ease of use, providing an effective means of control and protection. With its expandable design, the baton can be easily extended to its full length of 13 inches, allowing security professionals to manage various situations effectively. The inclusion of a steel clip and strap enhances accessibility, ensuring the baton is readily available when needed. Ideal for maintaining order and diffusing potentially dangerous situations, the 13" Expandable Female Baton is a reliable tool that offers security personnel the means to respond swiftly and safely when ensuring public safety.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Handle: Textured Grip Handle
  • Length: Extends to 13″ / Folds to 5 1/3″


Size:13 Inch


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