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Large Mesh Bag

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Jumbo accessory carabiner is a handy item that helps you hang a range of lightweight items safely and conveniently. It locks with threaded barrel that is easy to unlock. The carabiner is designed to secure your gear as well. The locking device screws properly and smoothly. It looks nice and is light in weight, but is sturdy enough to hold items like keys, water bottle and coffee mugs. It is shiny and attractive too. One piece comes per header card. As the carabiner comes in black color, it suits all your outfits. You can keep it in your back pocket in your jeans or work pants.


Material Specs: nylon
Dimensions: 24 inchesx31 inches
Nylon Closures And Fasteners: Drawstring
Product Origin: TWN
Printable: Yes
Color: Olive Drab

Colour:Olive Drab

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