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MA-1 Boonie Hat

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Like our classic military boonie hat, this hat features 2 screened vents on the right side and adjustable chin strap. The hat also features an MA-1 Flight Jacket style pocket on the left side.


Material: Cotton, Polyester
Material Specs: 55% Cotton / 45% Poly

SpecificationBlack, Size 7Khaki, Size 7Olive Drab, Size 7Black, Size 7.25Khaki, Size 7.25Olive Drab, Size 7.25Black, Size 7.5Khaki, Size 7.5Olive Drab, Size 7.5Black, Size 7.75Khaki, Size 7.75Olive Drab, Size 7.75
Colour:BlackKhakiOlive DrabBlackKhakiOlive DrabBlackKhakiOlive DrabBlackKhakiOlive Drab
Size:Size 7Size 7Size 7Size 7.25Size 7.25Size 7.25Size 7.5Size 7.5Size 7.5Size 7.75Size 7.75Size 7.75

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