Masterlock Cylinder Tumbler Lock

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10023 Master Cylinder Tumbler Lock offers high quality protection at low prices. This is a popularly used lock from the Master lock brand that comes with a 4-Pin Tumbler. For extra durability and strength, the lock is made of laminated steel construction. Extra cut resistance is offered by the hardened steel shackle. Superior strength is ensured with the wide body and wide shackle. Protection is further enhanced by the non-rekeyable feature and the lock is made picking resistant through the 4-Pin Tumbler Cylinder. This lock cannot be pried open as extra resistance is provided by the dual locking levers.


Material Specs: Laminated Steel Padlock
Dimensions: 1-9/16 inches (40mm) wide body, 9/32 inches (7mm), 5/8 inches (16mm) wide shackle


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