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  • Magazine coupling tabs interfaces with other like-magazines like G36 magazines!
  • Easy to wind 520 round per magazine high capacity design
  • Translucent, see through
  • Tough polymer construction

A High Capacity Magazine (AKA "Hi-Cap") holds a larger amount of rounds than standard allowing the operator to play for longer between mag changes. This can be a huge tactical advantage and also means you usually never have to worry about running out of ammo in-game. Hi-Caps will make a slight rattle due to the large amount of rounds being held in the BB reservoir, but this slight noise is indistinguishable in the heat of battle. Simply outfit yourself with a few Hi-Caps and you are ready to rock!

Buy the ammo: UMX2279505


Compatibility: For Tokyo Marui, CYMA, JG and other compatible AK series Airsoft AEG rifles
Capacity: 520rds
Material: Polymer


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