McNett Aquaseal And Black Color Sync Colorant Kit

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Brand: McNett

The next time you need to make waterproof repairs to wetsuits, drysuits or watersports gear add a touch of black with the Aquaseal & Black Color Sync Colorant Kit by M Essentials. Aquaseal is the industry standard for making permanent repairs to rips, tears and holes in your favorite underwater gear. The Color Sync colorant kit allows you to make those repairs in black for darker materials.

The black Color Sync colorant will not fade or yellow from UV exposure ensuring a clean repair for the life of the item. For those repairs that still need a clear finish, leave the Color Sync out and save it for the next fix.

When you need to make matching repairs that are guaranteed to last, reach for the Aquaseal & Black Color Sync Colorant Kit.


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