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Mens M-65 Field Jacket Liner

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The Field Jacket Liner has been specifically made for the M-65 range of jackets. The liner comes with a quilted outer shell made from nylon. It also includes a comfortable polyester fill weighing five ounces. This outer shell and fill ensure that one gets all the protection and warmth in extremely cold and wet conditions. This Field Jacket Liner can be buttoned into all field jackets of the GI Government issued style making it a valuable addition to any collection. This jacket liner forms an highly protective inner layer which is require in extreme weather conditions.


Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Cotton, Polyester
Material Specs: Outershell 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester 100% Polyester Liner
Weather: Cold Weather
Closures And Fasteners: Buttons
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: Yes

SpecificationOlive Drab, XSmallBlack, XSmallFoliage Green, SmallOlive Drab, SmallBlack, SmallFoliage Green, MediumOlive Drab, MediumBlack, MediumFoliage Green, LargeOlive Drab, LargeBlack, LargeFoliage Green, XLargeOlive Drab, XLargeBlack, XLargeFoliage Green, XXLargeOlive Drab, XXLargeBlack, XXLargeOlive Drab, 3XLargeBlack, 3XLargeOlive Drab, 4XLargeBlack, 4XLargeOlive Drab, 5XLargeBlack, 5XLarge
Colour:Olive DrabBlackFoliage GreenOlive DrabBlackFoliage GreenOlive DrabBlackFoliage GreenOlive DrabBlackFoliage GreenOlive DrabBlackFoliage GreenOlive DrabBlackOlive DrabBlackOlive DrabBlackOlive DrabBlack

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