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Mens Vintage Army Air Corps T-Shirt

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Vintage Army Air Corp T-shirts are made of polyester and cotton blend. It has a distressed army air corp image and looks very vintage and classy. Many people like such emblem T-shirts and hence these can be excellent gift items to those who truly value these. These T-shirt have tag less labels making them more comfortable to wear. These T-shirts are preshrunk and hence are great to wear without any tension. This T-shirts are easy to clean and maintain. They could be a great addition to your casual wear or a great gifting item for someone who has a taste for such T-shirts.


Dimensions: C: 17-23 L: 24-30
Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Cotton
Material Specs: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
Weather: All Weather
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: No

SpecificationBlack, SmallOlive Drab, SmallBlue, SmallBlack, MediumOlive Drab, MediumBlue, MediumBlack, LargeOlive Drab, LargeBlue, LargeBlack, XLargeOlive Drab, XLargeBlue, XLargeBlack, XXLargeOlive Drab, XXLargeBlue, XXLargeBlack, 3XLargeOlive Drab, 3XLargeBlue, 3XLarge
Colour:BlackOlive DrabBlueBlackOlive DrabBlueBlackOlive DrabBlueBlackOlive DrabBlueBlackOlive DrabBlueBlackOlive DrabBlue

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