Military 3-Point Rifle Sling

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The Military 3 Point Rifle Sling Range Of Products Is Made From 1 ¼ Inch Polyester Webbing And 1.25 Inch Webbing Which Ensures The Highest Levels Of Toughness And Durability. The Rifle Sling Features Multiple Attachments And Is Adjustable At Various Levels to Ensure That Different Kinds Of Rifles Can be Slung With Ease. The High Adjustability Of this Sling Makes It A Universal One for Various Types Of Guns. The Advanced Design Of This Three Point Rifle Sling Ensures That It Can Be Looped Around The Torso With Two Straps Going From The Front As Well As Rear Of The Rifle.


Material Specs: PP webbing, PP webbing
Material: Polypropylene



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