Military A.C.U. Digital Duct Tape

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Acu Digital Duct Tape 2inch X 60 YDS is manufactured by Ultra Force. The tape is made of waterproof material and it has polyethylene coating. The duct tape is designed in Acu digital camo pattern. It is made in the US. It is specially designed retail grade camouflage pattern duct tape. It is a multipurpose tape used for various purposes. It is used for patching applications, holding, waterproofing, camouflaging, sealing, sound deadening and covering reflective surfaces. As it is a water resistance packaging tape, it is best suited for mending, bundling and packaging. The cloth duck tape is of superior quality and is used for military and navy purpose.


Material: Polyethylene
Material Specs: High Performance Polyethylene Coating
Dimensions: 2 In x 60 Yds
Length: 60 Yards


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