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Stay concealed in the wilderness and on the battlefield with this Military Camouflage Netting from CamoSystems. This large ripstop netting comes attached with mesh netting for added strength. The reversible brown and green material is fully waterproof, and has been treated for protection against UV rays.

Why choose this netting?

  • Mesh backing adds strength to be more resistant to tears
  • Easily folds down to a compact size when not in use
  • 100% waterproof material resists rot and mold
  • 3-D leaf-life foliage provides effective concealment in a wide range of conditions
  • Pliable even in extreme temperature ranges, from -40°C to 60°C
  • Material is treated for shine and glare elimination

Why not?

  • Not resistant to fire
  • Green and brown colour is not suited for deserts and snowy environments

Pro Tip:
Camouflage netting has been used in militaries around the world to protect personnel and equipment from enemy forces. This form of camouflage works by breaking up the outline of a person or thing, and effectively deceiving the human eye.


Netting Size:10 ft x 10 ft10 ft x 20 ft


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