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Prepare yourself and brush up on your skills with this unabridged, high-quality Civilian Reference Edition reissue of the official Map Reading and Land Navigation US Department of The Army Field Manual FM 3-25.26, 2001 release (previously published as FM 21-26). This is the latest public release edition of the US Army Map Reading and Land Navigation manual.

Contents include essential knowledge about general map use, orienteering, compass use, and navigating over multiple types of terrain. Also includes topographic map structure and use, map legends and symbols, the military grid system and coordinates, measuring scale and distance, interpreting aerial photographs with maps, use of compasses of various types, interpreting map relief and elevation marks, map drawing, GPS, and orienteering methods and tips.

Gain essential backcountry navigation skills to handle any terrain that your path takes you to. Full of backcountry knowledge for anyone interested in brushing up on map and compass skills. Great for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting trips, and bushcraft. Not just for military personnel, this book is a great gift for outdoors enthusiasts and wilderness travelers!

A part of the Military Outdoors Skills Series: Volume 4

This Doublebit Historic Edition reprint of Map Reading and Land Navigation, FM 3-25.26 (FM 21-26) - 2001 is professionally restored and presented from the original source with the highest degree of fidelity possible. Available in both paperback and hardcover, readers can enjoy this Civilian Reference Edition reissue for generations to come and learn from its timeless knowledge.

About the Doublebit Military Outdoors Skills Series

Military manuals contain essential knowledge about outdoor life, thriving while in the field, and self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, many great military books, field manuals, and technical guides over the years have become less available and harder to find. These have either been rescinded by the armed forces or are otherwise out of print due to their age. This does not mean that these texts are worthless or “out of date” – in fact, the opposite is true! It is true that the US Military frequently updates its manuals as its protocols have changed based on the times and combat situations that our armed services face. However, the knowledge about the outdoors over the entire history of military publication is timeless!

By publishing the Military Outdoors Skills Series, it is our goal at Doublebit Press to do what we can to preserve and share historic military works, such as army field manuals (the FM series), technical manuals (the TM series), and other military books that hold timeless knowledge about outdoors life, navigation, and survival. Through remastered reprint editions of military handbooks and field manuals, we can preserve the time-tested skills and institutional knowledge that was learned through hard lessons and training by the U.S. Military and our expert soldiers.


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