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MilSim West, in partnership with Tactical Tailor, is proud to announce the MilSim West MilSim Tourniquet! Made to simulate a tourniquet, these are intended to replace the old ACE-style bandages found at many milsim events.These can be rubber banded to your kit, or placed inside an IFAK pouch (the Tactical Tailor Tourniquet Pouch, pictured lower left, works great!) until needed. To apply buddy aid all your buddy needs to do is remove the IFAK from your kit slip it over your arm and tighten.The MilSim Tourniquet consists of a 1.5 inch strap with hook and loop velcro, elastic (to prevent over tightening) and a triglide buckle with a red strap.Our intention with these is to bring about a new, standardized product for our hobby that replaces ACE bandages. Not only does it look cooler, both on your kit and once it's been applied, but it's also more realistic as it makes the participants feel like they are applying a real tourniquet and treating a real injury. Additionally, it's more durable allowing for repeated uses across the course of many events unlike ace wraps.These are the new standard for MilSim West events have been met with overwhelming praise by participants.


  • Cordura/Elastic construction
  • Designed specifically for MilSim West events
  • Can be attached to the users kit or placed in an IFAK
  • Red tab for easy identification
  • Made in the USA
Size: One size fits most
Color: Black/Red
Material: Elastic / Cordura


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