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One of the most popular sidearm choices by airsoft combatants, the KJ Works MK1 Gas Non Blowback Airsoft pistol because it is simple to navigate with on the battlefield. A player might even forget they are wearing a sidearm due to its lightweight design, however, looks are deceiving. This weapon fires at an astonishing 400 feet per second when using 0.20 pellets although it is very capable of shooting heavier ammunition. The MK1 boasts a sturdy metal internal parts with a heavy duty ABS plastic frame. An excellent choice for a sidearm that is light but strong enough to surprise your opponents on the battlefield.

The KJ Mk1 is the great gun for reliability, quality, performance, and practicality. Beautiful and realistic, this very powerful non-blowback pistol optimal for skirmishing.A large plume of gas discharges from the barrel with each shot. The magazine holds 16 rounds. Velocities range from 370-398 fps as tested by our Tech department. The KJ Work MK 1 is one of our lowest priced gas non-blowback pistols. An excellent value considering its 390 fps velocity.


  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Material: Full Plastic
  • Blowback: Non-blowback
  • Mag Capacity: 16 rounds
  • Propellant: Green Gas
  • FPS: 390


Gun Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Gun Material:Full Plastic
Power Source:Green Gas
Gun Blowback:Non-Blowback
Magazine Capacity:16


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