Aluminum Cylinder Head for AK/MP5K/SIG

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Brand: Modify

Constructed from aircraft aluminum alloy, our superior cylinder head is both lightweight and durable against impacts. It's designed with double O-rings and a concave air intake for optimal airtightness and efficient airflow. This design significantly enhances the air dynamics in AEGs, effectively minimizing turbulence and thus maximizing muzzle velocity.


  • Features a double O-ring design to ensure complete airtightness.
  • Constructed with aircraft aluminum alloy, balancing lightness with structural integrity.
  • The concave air intake design facilitates smooth airflow and reduces air turbulence.
  • The central port is designed for maximum air release efficiency.
  • The nozzle port has been innovatively redesigned to a bell shape for improved functionality.
  • Compatible with airsoft guns from Classic Army and Tokyo Marui.



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