Stainless Cylinder Head for TM PSG-1 AEG

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Brand: Modify

Featuring a construction of aircraft aluminum alloy, our premium cylinder head is not only light but also resistant to impacts. It is equipped with double O-rings and a concaved air intake, ensuring an airtight seal and facilitating smooth airflow. This design is crucial in accurately controlling the air dynamics in AEGs, thereby reducing air turbulence and effectively enhancing muzzle velocity.


  • Incorporates a double O-ring design to ensure complete airtightness.
  • Crafted from aircraft aluminum alloy, providing lightness and structural strength.
  • The concaved design of the air intake promotes streamlined airflow and minimizes turbulence.
  • The central port is optimized for the most efficient air release.
  • The nozzle's port has been newly designed to resemble a bell, further improving performance.
  • Compatible with products from Classic Army and Tokyo Marui.



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