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Unique internal and external reinforcement to address the problem of front-end cracking previously encountered in V2 Airsoft Gearboxes.


  • Inspection ports allow for instant visual checks of the airsoft gearbox internals and enable lubrication without disassembly.
  • Fluted gearbox casing increases strength, reduces weight and dissipates heat more efficiently, allowing Torus to run cooler than conventional gearboxes.
  • Oversize, high-torque screws ensure a secure fit and prevent loosening of airsoft gearbox and components.
  • Includes

    • Torus Reinforced V2 Gearbox (8mm), x1
    • Tappet Plate Ver.2, x1
    • Torx Key with Small Grip T10, x1
    • Screw Set No.6, x9


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