Modular Gear Set 8mm Ver.2/Ver.3/ Top Gear 15.05:1

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Brand: Modify

Upgraded Airsoft Gear Sets increase the performance and durability of airsoft guns. Gear sets come in different ratios, but the lower the ratio (or high-speed gears) the faster rate of fire.

Modify's High-speed Gear Set for 8mm Gearbox Ver.2&3 has a 15.05:1 gear ratio. Made of steel that has been specially heat-treated, it is strong, durable, and works more smoothly. Its modular design enables easy installation without needing to adjust gear gaps; while the precision gears operate as expected and are easily maintained.

  • Modular Airsoft Gear Set with Tempered
  • Stainless Bushing (Double Oil Grooves)
  • Stainless Bushing
  • Anti-reversal latch
  • Ultra Piston (7metal teeth)


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