Moon Shine Undertow Camo Capri

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Build your best body and look great in the process. Muddy Girl Camo Capri'll create a stylish and toned up look sooner before you get into the best shape. Made of sturdy polyester with high spandex content, capri pants boast exceptional elasticity and compression effect on the body. They'll fit like skin, hold you in, shape and define the buttocks. Do your twists, bends and the wide-leg standing poses, elastic waistband will keep the pants in place. Pink camo accents add a pop of colour to solid black and just the right amount of femininity. No more excuses. Go for the full-body workout!


Colour:Muddy GirlMuddy GirlMuddy GirlMuddy GirlMuddy GirlMuddy Girl

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