Mr. Hot Disposable Large Handwarmer

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Large Size Mr Hot Disposable Hand warmer is instant body warmer. By using this body warmer, you can stay warm and cozy for nearly five hours. It is great for any outdoor activity. It is ideal for hiking, skiing, camping, bicycling and hunting. When you are in a cold place and want to keep your hands warm and cozy, then Mr Hot hand warmer is the most perfect product. It is so compact and easy to carry. It works great in cold climatic conditions. The large hand warmer measures 5 inches X 7 inches. It is easy and comfortable to use, as it is disposable you need not worry about how to store it after using.


MSDS: Handwarmer Material Safety Data Sheet
Dimensions: 3 1/2 inches X 5 inches
Material Specs: Iron powder, Water, Active carbon, Polymer, & sand
Weather: Cold Weather


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