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MultiCam Camouflage Pattern

What is MultiCam?

First developed in 2002 by Crye Precision, MultiCam is a seven-colour, multi-environment camouflage pattern that was designed for use by the US Army in various environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions.

The Different Shades of MultiCam

This pattern was made to effectively limit the visual and near-infrared signature of an individual across a wide range of environments and seasons. There are also variants of MultiCam for use in desert environments—MultiCam Arid, for use in dense jungle environments—MultiCam Tropic, for use in snow-covered environments—MultiCam Alpine, and for use by law enforcement officers operating in high-risk environments requiring discreetness—MultiCam Black.

How does MultiCam work?

MultiCam patterns make use of the way our eyes and brains perceive shape, volume, and colour. The brain does a lot of "filling-in" for our eyes because only a small portion of the human eye is able to perceive colour. MultiCam's unique high resolution design takes advantage of this brain function by helping the observer "see" the MultiCam pattern as part of the background. Disguise is done by more of a blending effect rather than a traditional contrast, allowing for effectiveness even at close ranges where low resolution patterns often stand out against the natural (non-pixelated) environment.