NcStar AK Speed Loader Version 2

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Brand: NcSTAR

Loading your AK 7.62X39mm type magazines has never been that easy with this handy tool.  How it works?  Securely attach your magazine to the Speed Loader via the spring loaded metal magazine catch and release lever.  Load it either with AK 10 round stripper clip or load up to 10 individual 7.62X39mm cartridges at a time directly onto the ammo tray itself.  Use T-Handle cartridge pusher to push up the cartridges inside and its end to trip cartridges from your magazine’s feed lips.  After you have fully loaded your magazines the empty clips will cling to the magnet on the handle making retrieval as easy and quick.


  • Designed for AK 7.62X39mm type magazines
  • Works with both polymer or metal magazines
  • Compatible with NcStar AAKC - AK 10 round steel stripper clips (Not included)
  • Polymer, Aluminum and steel construction
  • Dimensions: 9.0"L X 5.0"W X 1.75"D
  • NET Weight: 17.5 oz.


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