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A QD (quick-detach) sling mount is a device that allows you to quickly attach and detach a sling from your rifle. It is designed to be used with M-LOK or Keymod attachment points, which are two popular types of modular accessory attachment systems found on many modern rifles.

The QD sling mount typically consists of a small metal or polymer attachment point that can be screwed onto an M-LOK or Keymod rail. A swivel is attached to the mounting point, which allows the sling to move freely and rotate as needed. When you want to attach the sling, you simply snap the swivel into the mounting point. To detach the sling, you push a button or lever on the swivel to release it from the mount.

The advantage of using a QD sling mount is that it allows you to quickly and easily attach or detach your sling, which can be particularly useful in tactical situations or when you need to transition between different shooting positions quickly. Additionally, because the mount is designed to be used with M-LOK or Keymod attachment points, it can be easily installed without the need for additional tools or modifications.


  • Lightweight, low profile design, mounts to all keymod slots
  • Swivel mount accepts any push-button QD Swivel
  • Qd swivel housing designed with anti-rotation stops for better control of sling position and movement
  • Machined from Mil-Spec anodized aluminum alloy, beveled edges reduce snagging
  • Include keymod nuts, screws, and allen wrench for simple installation, no gunsmith required
  • Weight: 36 g
  • Material: Metal




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