Nitecore Headband - 400 Lumens

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Brand: Nitecore

The Nitecore NU25 UL head torch is an ultra lightweight version of the new NU25 (2022 version). Offering a maximum output of 400 lumens from the high performance LEDs and powered by a built-in 650mAh li-ion battery, the headlamp provides excellent ease and convenience.

The updated headlamp features USB-C recharging and dual primary lights of spot and floodlight. This combination achieves the perfect selection of long distance throw and flood beam, with the lights being able to be used together or independently. In addition, the NU25 UL has a red light to preserve night vision for applications such as map reading, stargazing, spotting wildlife and emergency use.

The three light sources are operated by a dual switch interface on the top of the light. The power button and mode button have different textures and shapes to ensure fast and easy use. The mode switch also activates the power indicator so you know when it's time to recharge.

The NU25 UL headband has been changed to an extremely simple, lightweight design, with an overall total weight of just 45g. For extra safety the user-friendly band is reflective and glow in the dark to alert other road users of your presence.


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